thoughts and observations

Welcome to my homepage

I work as a PostDoctoral Research Associate in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

My research focuses on high performance compilers for heterogeneous architectures. Specifically, I am interested in SIMD style vectorisation of high-level languages.

During my research I was actively involved in SaC and GNU GCC development; I am still an active contributor in both projects. I have a strong interest in high performance compilers, runtime systems, type systems, etc.

Details of my work gets available in the publication section as soon as it gets available. If you have similar interests or have some suggestions regarding any project I am involved, please do contact me.


During the last three years I was participating in the various courses at the University of Hertfordshire and in the Heriot-Watt University. Here is a page that summarises the courses that I did.

Other interests

Besides my main research focus I do enjoy well designed and well written software. I do participate in a number of open-source projects fixing various bugs and implementing missing features. I also have a number of programs under my github account which I find useful.

Non-technical interests include: cycling/hiking, jazz music, reading.