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Teaching Operating Systems

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Teaching process should be fun and enjoyable for both parties: students and teachers, otherwise it doesn’t make much of a sense. Studying operating systems might become relatively complex endeavour as it normally includes a lot of technical details, alternatives in designs and some low level programming. Also, the amount of code that one might have to deal with could be really frightening.

In order to compensate the overall struggle, I’ve decided to concentrate on the way things are named in UNIX-flavoured OS-es. The naming convention of different types of processes is pretty much amusing if you think about it. I don’t know who started it, but it has very noticeable demoniacal connotations: daemons, zombies, killing parents, orphans, etc. Sounds quite scary, isn’t it? Following that train of thought, I managed to come up with the following assignment:

Answer the following questions providing reasonable explanations:

1. What happens when a child kills its parent?
2. Can a zombie do so, or it is too dead for that?
3. Can a daemon become a zombie?
4. How long can an orphan live on it's own, if at all?

I hope that it would add some giggle to the overall struggle.